When the spirit hardens in its own, then not only does it resist the alien, but it even, awakening, can be fruitful. A kind of a personality focus is thus created, and any wave that penetrates it, even coming from the greatest and most alien distance, will be broken into the most personal twist. Answering all the outer melodic stimuli with one's own personal melody: That is active receiving.

I've always loved words, and a good chunk of my world is built on them and revolves around them. A logophile by vocation, a computer engineer by education and a writer by careful application of wishful thinking, I spend my time traveling great distances – sometimes in space, more often in mind. I'm hopelessly and helplessly attracted to hot spots, quandaries and cul-de-sacs of human reality, the solutions whereof I seek at the intersection of the three realms I know best: literature, engineering and linguistics. If you've got a task in wordsmithery that no one will even go near, I'd be happy to give it a try.